Used-Car Sales Pumping the Brakes

The pace of growth in used-car sales is slowing, according to a very credible source: Carmax. According to the company, total pre-owned unit sales rose 8% year-over-year for the quarter, down from the +11% gain of the prior quarter.  Comp-store sales rose just 2.7% in used vehicles for the automotive retailer.

Here’s a key part to the story, buried in the details: Dealers continue to face more challenges in growing — let alone preserving — their profit margins on all facets of their operations. Average prices on used vehicles (retail) rose only 2.5%, while wholesale prices increased over 3%. The continued downward price / margin pressure on pre-owned inventory is dinging the dealership on a once-reliable, long-standing area of profitability.


Read the full article here: CarMax Sees Slowing Growth in Used-Car Sales

Author: Team ESA

ESA is the nation's premier business growth strategist. Looking for more profitability in this sea of confusion? Look no further. Raise your expectations.

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