Who Moved Your Cheese? Google.

Your cheese has been moved. Again.

Local businesses would be wise to check-in on their organic Google visibility … again (and again).

This time, you might want to drive around a bit before doing so. (But please, no GWD — Googling While Driving!). You search results might vary sooner than you think.

The search engine, known for it’s elusive, ever-changing and secretive algorithm, is now emphasizing location more than in the past. In other words, your business might be the best choice for a consumer, or you may have built your site to acquire more leads over a wider distance through smart SEO. However, physical radius from the search’s orientation is playing a bigger role today.

Proximity has moved to the forefront of the search, and is important in pack results, especially if your business needs to be in the 3-pack. And who’s doesn’t?

No, a 3-pack isn’t “half of your washboard abs” … but you’ve seen the 3-pack before.

There is a good read on 417 Marketing. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Since the introduction of the algorithm update known as Possum, SEOs have noticed a significant increase in the importance of proximity as a ranking factor for local search pack results. If you didn’t know, a “pack,” which typically appears as a 3-pack, is a grouping of results that appears at the top of a search engine results page.

Read the full article here: Proximity and How it Relates to Search Results – 417 Marketing

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