A Big #ROI2018 Thank You

We’ve been doing this for 29 years now.

Yes, next year is our 30th Anniversary of the ROI show. And our passion is to make each subsequent show better than all its predecessors. It will be difficult to top #ROI2018.

ROI2018-bannerThis is not exaggeration, hyperbole, or pandering. I’ve seen 20 of these things from start to finish — definitely a labor of love — and ROI2018 was not just “near the top” of the list, it is the new standard. A lot of credit, and gratitude, goes to people like Suzanne Anderson, Bobby Harmon (and his team from Harmon AV), and Annemarie Copeland, Nick, Doug, Kaitlyn, Marissa, and others from the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort. You all make us better.

Here’s the thing I heard more this year than any other: “Your guest presenters this year were outstanding. They were at another level.”  I was honestly hoping to hear that, because I was saying it to myself during all three days of the event.

So here goes …

Here’s to Dr. Daniel Deems of Fyzical, Melissa Nellermoe of Edina Eye, Dr. Vincent Monticciolo of Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH), Charlie McHale of Daytona Hyundai, Cody Heath of Hanna Dental, Mike Hilborn of Roof to Deck, Tony Davis, who owns Granite Transformations and Bath Planet in Jacksonville, Krishna Kulkarni of Cash Liquidations, Judy Kimble of Gerhard’s, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical, and Kurt Wolfgram, of Wolfgram Law.

Whenever I listen to speakers this good, this passionate, and this insightful, I wish they were located in my home market, because I would find a way to patronize them or thank them. I still may!

Thanks for your insight and passion, #ROI2018 speakers. We are forever grateful.

And THANKS A LOT for making it nearly impossible to find a way to make ROI2019 better and raise expectations, again. It won’t be easy. It never is.

You rock.

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