The Section 179 Strategy

esaatworkMany business owners may know about the Section 179 Deduction. Many more may not be taking full advantage of it.

Section 179 allows for tax deductions for specific purchases of larger goods or services by a business. These capital expenditures can provide a tax benefit if they meet certain criteria.

The bigger point here, is that companies catering to other businesses (e.g. B2Bs in automotive, agricultural, services or other industries) often miss a bigger Section 179 opportunity to market this to their target audience.

Reminding (or even informing) a potential buyer that your product qualifies for Section 179 can yield a significant year-end boost.

Section-179-org-logoFind more information on Section 179 here, including specific details and updates for key purchases (e.g. trucks). The IRS also released updates via a Section 2018 fact sheet in April 2018.

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