Another Reason Why Biz Owners are Asking How to Google My Business

As business owners implement Google My Business as another weapon to bolster lead sourcing and extend market penetration, they are connecting dots on how to bring more conversion on that larger base of potential business.

GMBGMB is a free service that brings benefits to many local business owners, namely, listing key business information on Google Search and Google Maps. This info can connect more future customers with products and services, and can leap over rigid geographical boundaries. Smart biz owners see GMB as a way to draw a richer, more real-time heatmap as the marketplace decides on who will get their business.

The next layer of this implementation (we’re looking at you, Adwords customers) might be to activate location extensions on Adwords, if applicable. Businesses that use Google’s PPC service can use this extension to provide key location info — i.e. a physical address — which in turn increases a critical KPI: the likelihood of conversion.

There are many questions and some good answers available, the article below details a step-by-step activation of location extensions.

One big question that many business owners might still need to ask is this:
“Why are we not using Google My Business?”

Read the full article:
How to Link Google My Business and AdWords Using Location Extensions

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