The Mid-Funnel Move

Who continues to gain share during 2020, with its unpredictable bumps and bounces?

dealer-mid-funnelAs Covid-19 hit the US hard in March and beyond, smart dealers saw an opportunity to pivot and continue messaging car shoppers. Others — who went almost entirely dark — felt the double-edged sword of losing both sales and market share.

And where third party lead generators and Adwords were the main call, dealers saw bottom-of-the-funnel shoppers. This brought with it lower close rates and declining net gross.

So what was and IS the right play? It was a strong mid-funnel position.

The American car consumer never is “turned off.” Online car brand search by consumers continued through the dark sales months of March and April. And as dealers reopened, sales spiked.During the downturn, some dealers chose to stay visible. They kept marketing at as high a level as they could afford. Surprise: These dealers are now seen reporting high sales.

– Adam Armbruster, ESA

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Car Dealers, Move to Middle of Sales Funnel

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