2021’s Top Roofing Trends

roofing industry trendsFive Trends Atop the ’21 Roofing Industry

ORB Solutions has published a list of the top five roofing trends for 2021, as projected in December of 2020. They are:

  • Metal roofing
  • Solar panels
  • New Synthetics
  • Silicon Coatings
  • “Greener” Solutions

ESA sees other trends impacting the roofing industry, such as the use of drones and technological innovations that help in the scope, measurement, quality, and initial assessment of a roof job.

New solar panels are financially viable and they save you money each and every month you have them. Solar shingles, solar films, solar panels, and much more exist for the home now. The solar industry is becoming more efficient as the technology emerges. Some states are allowing special offers/discounts to homeowners who decide to take the extra step to save the environment. This trend will be expanding for years to come.

– ORB Solutions, December 2020

Source: Top Five Roofing Industry Trends For 2021 – ORB

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