The Business of Amniotic Injections, Fact vs Fiction

The confusing business of amniotic procedures requires close inspection.

business of stem cell amniotic proceduresThere is plenty of confusion — not just about the science — more about the business side of stem cell therapy and amniotic tissue procedures.

The biggest gray area here is what procedures are actually covered by Medicare and insurers. There are many false claims in the marketing space, which is becoming increasingly regulated in this arena. Note the usage regulations of the term “stem cell” alone, which is merely the tip of the iceberg.

“For example, if a neurosurgeon wants to use a piece of amniotic membrane (the covering of the birth sac) to patch a hole in the dura or an ophthalmologist wants to use some to treat a defect in the cornea, both of those products will usually be covered by Medicare. In addition, if a wound healing center wants to sprinkle some amniotic membrane onto a non-dealing diabetic skin wound, there is generally coverage for a narrow set of circumstances. However, outside of these clinical circumstances, there is usually ZERO coverage for amniotic products for things like arthritis, tendinitis, spine, or pain.”

– Dr Chris Centeno, MD, Regenexx

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Source: Diving Into Medicare Billing for Amniotic Tissues-BioLab Sciences – Regenexx

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