Apple’s Impact at the Local Auto Dealership

Apple’s new iOS allows users to opt-out of tracking, resulting in lower dealer conversions and higher CPMs.

Add this news to the bonfire of ineffectual digital and funnel-bottom marketing in the auto ecosystem, and smart dealers are maneuvering toward the profitability of more direct leads via broadcast television and OTT. Apple’s move is merely one stop on the road of challenging privacy obstacles in the marketing landscape. More is coming.

ESA Senior Partner, Adam Armbruster, provides direction for auto dealers in a featured piece on Wards Auto:

It’s time to move up and over the marketing funnel. Bottom-of-the-funnel marketing now attracts bottom-of-the-funnel buyers. They are price grinding, multi-bidding and window shopping.The net grosses reflect this fact. Direct buyers are just about to select a unit and a dealer. Don’t you want to be the first dealer they call?
– Adam Armbruster, ESA

Read the full article at Wards:
Is Bottom-of-Funnel Marketing Losing Dealer Appeal? | WardsAuto

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