What Happened to My Leads?

Many advertisers and marketers alike are strapped to answer questions these days.

The big ones we’ve been hearing this year:
– What happened to my online leads?
– Why are my digital conversions so soft?
– What caused my unit rates and CPMs shoot up recently?

apple-ios-idfa-privacyIf you haven’t been paying attention, on May 1 Apple released an upgrade to iOS 14 which gives smartphone users enhanced privacy controls. IDFA (Identification for Advertisers), allows consumers to opt-out of data sharing and tracking on an app level. In other words, the consumer now has more power in the digital ecosystem.

Given that Apple holds over half of the smartphone penetration in the US, and the fact that user opt-in rates have been pacing at a lethargic 15%, advertisers are seeing less effective results, a bottleneck on inventory, and an increase in their per-unit digital budgets.

Never too late to get good information and answers on this subject:
Apple iOS, IDFA, and the New Landscape of Targeting

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