A Monkey Wrench in the Ad Ecosystem

ESA’s Adam Armbruster discusses the changing digital ad landscape on Fox Business News.

Noticing fewer conversions or higher rates on your targeted advertising recently?

Apple’s new user privacy upgrades and the company’s walled garden of first-party data is sending shock waves through the digital advertising ecosystem.

“About half the audience is invisible to most marketers right now … we’ve been screaming about it since May 1st.”
– Adam Armbruster, ESA

As mentioned here on ESAroi.com previously, Apple’s iOS upgrades in 2021 have granted enhanced user privacy. These app-level features have changed the game for digital advertisers and big players like Facebook, Snapchat, and even Google. Downstream media outlets and advertisers alike now have access to significantly less first-party data.

“First party data is going to come out being the star of this. It’s a complete monkey wrench in the ecosystem of advertising … where it shows up is in conversion-to-sale.”
– Adam Armbruster, ESA

These moves by Apple, and ensuing countermoves by the likes of Google and Facebook are merely the tip of the iceberg. The battle will play out well into 2022 and beyond as first-party data continues to provide significant value to advertisers.

View the full interview on Fox Business News (5 minutes):

Wards Automotive also featured ESA’s Adam Armbruster on Apple’s impact at the local dealership:
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