2022 Auto Market Comes into Focus

Where is the automotive market headed in 2022 and beyond?

ESA Car Keys Conversations has the answers for your local market.

  • Will supply catch up with demand?
  • How will new tech like connected cars and EVs disrupt the market?
  • Is the new/used pricing delta impacting consumer behavior?
  • Will the continued market consolidation trim dealerships?
  • What moves are market-leaders making right now?
  • Will vehicle price increases slow down?

Tune in to #ESACarKeys for ESA’s interviews with leading auto dealers. This month, ESA Senior Partner Adam Armbruster sits down with Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda, the worldwide leader in Certified Honda sales.

ESA Car Keys Conversation with Brian Benstock:
1. Supply, Demand, and the Auto Meritocracy (February 17)
2. Vehicle Pricing and the New-Used Delta (February 18)
3. Dominating Share of Voice in a Scarce Market (February 21)
4. Continued Market Consolidation (February 22)
5. Vehicle Inventory and Outlook into 2023 (February 23)
6. Dealership Return-to-Market Rates (February 24)
7. The Frictionless Dealer and Connected Car (February 25)
8. The EVs are Coming (February 28)
9. New Competition & The Service Conquest (March 1)
10. Outlook: The Experiential Dealership (March 2)

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- 2022-2023 Outlook
- Market-Leading Strategy
- Inventory Projections
- The Frictionless Dealer
- EVs & Connected Cars
- New & Used Pricing
- The Service Conquest
- Dealership of the Future

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