ESA Hosting Apple Data Hoarding Webinar, March 21

Apple has unleashed iOS 14.5 and subsequent urgrades to the public. These upgrades have brought significant challenges to publishers, social media companies, data aggregators, businesses of all sizes, and the consumer marketing ecosystem.

This iOS upgrade and its successors feature greatly enhanced app-level user privacy controls, allowing users to opt-out of sharing their data and other tracking mechanics. In essence, third party data collected and or resold by app developers has been firewalled to some degree. Early opt-out rates were reported above 80%, meaning an overwhelming majority of Apple customers have elected to firewall their data, rendering the data flow downstream significantly curtailed. This trend will make iOS customers – a majority of smartphone users in the US – more difficult to target behaviorally via device identifiers.


ESA is hosting a webinar on March 21, “Apple Data Hoarding”, which will highlight the key moves and plot strategy direction for businesses. The webinar is free for ESA Members and VIP Invites (only). For more information on the webinar, visit

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