The 3 Es of HVAC Today: Electrification, Employment, and Efficiency

Electrification, Employment and Efficiency are hot topics in today’s HVAC marketplace

As highlighted during ESA’s ROI2022 conference, HVAC companies are striving to implement new technologies while dealing with a continued shortage of skilled labor. Many companies are also keen on both energy efficiency and operational efficiency, as supply chain woes are wreaking havoc in many markets. Sourcing product and labor will continue to be huge challenges in many industries given the economic state and business outlook.

As we face an HVAC sector that is growing while at the same time supplies are less plentiful, it is natural to think about the important considerations for the future of HVAC. Energy efficiency is one of the most important goals. Trends are emerging where more than ever before, energy efficiency is at the center of the next level of innovation. Electrification and decarbonization are taking the lead.

Electrification of HVAC systems is gaining traction in many regional markets, as energy incentives and grants are available. Bill Brink of Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin has mirrored his company’s rapid growth to the hot pace of manufacturers like Mitsubishi. Brink spoke at ESA’s ROI2022 conference in February.

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Recent Trends In HVAC And Energy Efficiency

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