Projecting the Auto Market into 2023

What’s next for the US automotive market?

ESA Car Keys Conversations has the answers for your local market.

  • When will inventory finally normalize on dealer lots?
  • Will EV demand continue at this pace?
  • How are dealers doing more with less today?
  • Is Carvana or Carmax the better longterm scale play?
  • What moves are market leaders making right now?
  • How is the consumer responding to all of this?


Tune in to #ESACarKeys for ESA’s insights, featuring leading auto dealers. This month, ESA Senior Partner Adam Armbruster sits down again with Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda, the worldwide leader in Certified Honda sales.

ESA Car Keys Conversation with Brian Benstock (June 2022):
1. The Tesla Factor and Dealership Role (June 27)
2. Market Consolidation: More with Less (June 28)
3. Carvana vs Carmax (June 29)
4. Honda + Sony vs Apple Car (June 30)
5. EV vs ICE Vehicle Market Demand (July 1)
6. The OEM Margin Pivot (July 3)
7. Inventory Normalization thru 2023 (July 5)
8. The Gravity of the Auto Industry (July 6)

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