Medical Practices & Financials: Flying Blind?

Two verticals most impacted by the Data Wars are struggling to hit an invisible target.

Apple’s iOS continues to impact downstream tech firms, publishers, and businesses in every market. New user privacy enhancements have made large swaths of the market invisible to marketers, nowhere more so than in the Medical and Financial retail verticals.

Currently, users are opting-out of data sharing and tracking at an 80%+ clip (82% as reported by Flurry Analytics). Keep in mind the 18%-20% that are opting-in are doing so with wide variance across key app categories.

Users of both Financial Apps and Health / Medical / Fitness Apps are opting in at a rate of 11%. This is a huge challenge, and a big contrast to “Gamers” for example, who are less private with their information (30%+ opt in rate).

What this means for physicians, surgeons, health & fitness firms, wealth planners, banks and credit unions is that nearly 9 out of 10 end points in their targeted marketing efforts are invisible on iOS. Given Apple’s dominance in the US smartphone landscape, this hurdle will likely cause many companies in these areas to see leads, conversion rate, and marketing efficiencies on the decline.

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