Ford Follows Toyota, to Focus More on Hybrids

Ford focus on hybridFord will continue to sharpen its focus on hybrid models in 2024 and beyond, similar to Toyota’s strategy.

In a recent announcement, the US automaker plans to bring more hybrid vehicles to an automotive market trumpeting the strengths of EVs.

The comments run slightly counter to recent messaging from the Detroit automakers, which have touted the performance and popularity of all-electric favorites as the industry moves to meet EV targets. The hybrid hype, however, falls more closely in line with global hybrid leader Toyota, which has faced criticism for what some saw as resistance to the EV transition.To be clear, Ford isn’t turning away from its much-touted EV push, though it said Thursday that its EV ramp-up may take longer than it had previously anticipated.But even as it spends billions to ramp up EV production, it’s planning to bring more hybrid options to market, driven by the success of its current gasoline-electric options.“We have been surprised, frankly, at the popularity of hybrid systems for F-150,” Farley said during Ford’s second-quarter earnings call. More than 10% of F-150 pickup customers are opting for the hybrid model, Farley said, and that percentage has been increasing.

Source: Ford embraces hybrids as it loses billions on EVs

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