Furnishings Buoyed by Gen X

The US furnishings market has been seeing a welcome boost from Generation X.

Gen Xers are in their prime acquisition window for furnishings and home goods. Additionally, the average household income for this segment recovered briskly in the post-pandemic world. In 2022, Gen X accounted for 36.7% of total US furniture spending.


Newly released data from the annual Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX) by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which traditionally tracks household spending patterns by age and income, has added a more detailed layer of generational spending habits. The picture shows Generation X’s (ages 47 to 52 in 2022) rightful place at the head of furniture consumers. They are affluent, in their prime furniture purchasing years, and flexed their furniture industry muscles coming out of the pandemic like no other generation.

Millennials are still on the rise, of course. As for now, Gen X is a vital segment propping up the home furnishings vertical in the US.

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Generation X Dominates the Furniture Industry

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