Legal Firms Tap Huge Vax Litigation Volume

Legal firms are finding huge case volume in a new area of practice: Vaccine Mandate Litigation.

Firms have filed or litigated thousands of cases already, with hundreds more originating each month in the US.

These legal cases are concentrated in important ways:

  • By plaintiff class: 81% are individual, only 4% class action.
  • By state: See map for concentration by state
  • By plaintiff industry: 32% of cases are in Healthcare & Assisted Living

Here is the current distribution of vaccine mandate litigation cases by state:


The fact that these cases are still concentrated in individual plaintiff classes is of interest. We should expect that concentration to change as more class action suits could be pursued.

As COVID-19 vaccines became available, many states, municipalities and companies made decisions on the best way to protect people from COVID-19, including the implementation of vaccine mandates.Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been guiding employers through the legal thicket, working side by side with clients across the country to assist them in responding to COVID-19 workplace challenges. Our Vaccine Litigation task force, comprised of attorneys with subject matter knowledge and vaccine litigation experience, has helped employers respond to this latest legal phase of the pandemic. In addition to counseling employers as they navigate sensitive and complex issues in order to protect their employees and their businesses, we are successfully defending employer vaccination requirements in court, as well as measures taken to enforce those requirements.

– Jackson Lewis

This information was published by Courthouse News Service based on civil complaints, and presented by Jackson Lewis. It was last updated on December 15, 2023.

For more information and important legal disclosures:
Vaccine Mandate Litigation – Jackson Lewis

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