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Quick facts about Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster & Company:

  • Founded in 1981 as Roland L. Eckstein & Company.
  • ESA delivers unmatched predictive results for the advertiser in terms of growth, profit, and overall success.
  • Providing retail and media strategies for thousands of local business each year.
  • Strong adherence to disciplined techniques and mathematical growth models, founded in four decades of creating industry-leading successes.
  • The company’s annual ROI event is widely considered the industry’s best showcase of innovative retail, media, and business strategy ideas.
  • ESA marketing campaigns are seen by over 60% of all US households each year.
  • Successful experience in virtually every retail and business category.
  • Generating sustained return on investment for media and retail companies alike that is unmatched in our field.
  • Sourcing the nation’s largest library of successful local retail advertising creative.
  • Active media partners nationwide.
  • Headquartered in Red Bank, NJ with offices in seven states.