ESA Car Keys | The US auto market took a small step backwards on its recovery arc. Still, there are more than a few positive trends maintaining momentum.

ESA Car Keys | In this June 22 update, ESA’s Adam Armbruster highlights the surprise winners that have emerged in light of the rapidly changing automotive landscape.

US retail sales for May shattered the record books, easily surpassing the recovery of post-9/11. The retail sector was up 17.7% for the month.

ESA Car Keys | Next steps for auto dealers in light of inventory bottlenecks, pre-owned marketing, the lease return wave, and the drawdown of aggressive financial terms.

ESA Car Keys | Another packed update on the auto recovery, new vehicle sales trending, the used car potential, financing, inventory & production, and the opportunity of CPOs and lease returns.

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How fast and strong will the US economy recover? A look at five charts provides a glimpse into the market’s current status and trending.

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Detailed recap of the 16.4% retail decline in April on, with metrics on retail subsectors like furnishings, appliances, and apparel.

ESA TLN | Lynne Edwards shares key intel for a massive slumbering giant: brick & mortar retail, specifically home furnishings. ESA’s Thought Leadership Now.