Auto dealers looking to drive net profit have their challenges and opportunities in today’s market. Real-time pricing and quicker inventory turn can boost net profit — as does targeting more “buyers” instead of just “shoppers.”


U.S. auto sales are maintaining momentum through two quarters of 2018, though 2nd-half challenges are looming, such as interest rate hikes, high levels of late-model preowned vehicles, and continued changes to US tariff policy.

General Motors Co. is abandoning its decades-old practice of reporting monthly auto sales, saying a 30-day period doesn’t provide an adequate snapshot of the company’s complex business or the broader industry.


We owe a debt of gratitude to some incredible people following #ROI2018 , ESA’s 29th Annual show. And we’ve got our work cut out for us to improve upon this for ROI2019. Won’t be easy, but we welcome the challenge!


Local businesses would be wise to check-in on their organic Google visibility … again (and again). The search engine upped the importance of proximity.


Certified Preowned (CPO) vehicles are still yielding positive results in the face of profitability pressures, especially when the strategy is on-target. ESA Senior Partner Adam Armbruster sits down with top CPO retailer Rick Ricart to discuss this key segment of the market.


ESA Car Keys | As the US Automotive market turns the corner into 2018, a few indicators from 2017 are hinting what will happen next.

The continued downward price / margin pressure on pre-owned inventory is dinging the dealership on a once-reliable, long-standing area of profitability.


Adam Armbruster | Why does spend over $2M dollars weekly in TV ads? In this digital shopping world isn’t traditional media dead? No, it’s not.

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