RJE-ROI2018When it comes to analyzing business owners’ numbers, nobody digs deeper than Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster and Company.

Each year ESA meets with some 2500 business. From these meetings and conversations, we have the ability to aggregate and anonymize critical new customer acquisition patterns. Distilling and applying this data ensures successful ROI-focused high-conversion, lead generating campaigns.

Ours is a fairly simple, fairly basic industry.
Yet confusion and misinformation run rampant.

At ESA, we approach each meeting in a platform agnostic manner. Our depth of experience combined with the needs and objectives of the business owner allow us to determine which platforms make the most sense for their application.

If you are considering taking a meeting with ESA, please know that our focus is not that of branding or awareness but rather that of lead generation and return on investment.

Typical of their efforts, ESA generates 10-30% increases for most business in a six-month time frame.

The services of ESA are available at no cost or commitment to business owners.

Roland J Eckstein, ESA’s Managing Partner, has run the firm since 1998. Roland’s background includes 30+ years of business analysis in retail, broadcast and marketing.

Roland and his wife/upper-management Eileen live in New Jersey … please don’t hold this against them.
See you soon,

Twittericon-linkedinRoland J. Eckstein
ESA Managing Partner